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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CEH a cult?

No. The Coven of the Eighth House is a democratic religious organization of witches who come together for communion, ritual, spiritual education, and the worship of our deities through the practice of witchcraft.

Do you have to pay to join CEH?

There is no charge to belong to the coven, however donations are encouraged and accepted for the maintenance of the website and any other authorized expenses incurred by the coven.

Who can be a member of CEH?

Any graduate of the Fundamentals of Witchcraft class taught by Edward Gordon, and any other witch who is voted on by the membership.

Does the coven endorse black magick?

The coven endorses no moral system. However, we stress the importance of following the laws of the state where a person resides, maintaining secrecy as necessary to avoid persecution as a witch, and using the powers of witchcraft to help rather than to harm.




















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